OPALEnergy, is a global premium energy storage solution provider headquartered in Singapore. Based on the vast experience gained from technical experts across the globe, OpalEnergy developed a highly efficient hybrid energy storage Solution to the global market. Applying new cutting-edge technologies, OPALEnergy offers its users with an efficient, reliable and most important safe energy storage solution.

OpalEnergy Hybrid Inverter

• Colourful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree

• 4ms fast transfer from on-grid to off-grid mode, ensuing no disruption to any loads

• 6 time period setting for battery charging/discharging

• The hybrid inverters can be expanded up to 16 inverters

• Able to take high DC charge & discharge current

• Able to support storing energy from diesel generator

Single Phase




OpalEnergy Storage Systems and Enclosure Box

Modular Unit Energy 48100LV ES applicable for residential commercial and Industrial Usage

• LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells from globally leading top tier cell manufacturer

• Single battery design can be used rack-, floor-, wall- mounted, indoor or outdoor IP65 able to connect up to 16 units in parallel

• LFP cells mean the highest-level inherent safety for lithium cells proven with multiple of safety certification

• Inter-battery and active cell balancing meaning there is no need to charge batteries to same voltage before commissioning

Opal Battery

Enclosure Box