GoodWe provides complete and integrated solutions to full fill customer expectations for clean and affordable power. The portfolio includes high-quality solar inverters, well-engineered low-voltage and high-voltage batteries, smart monitoring systems & accessories.

Solar inverters with an extensive range are available to suit virtually all applications in the solar market, from ultra-small 0.7kW residential inverters, to a massive 250kW utility-scale inverter, GoodWe solar products have been largely used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across the world.

Residential and Commercial Rooftop Inverters

For residential applications, a wide range of single-phase and three-phase solar inverters are available to meet the needs of households for reliable and sustainable power generation. Goodwe offers a large selection of three-phase string inverters that are suitable for commercial installations of any size, utility-scale projects, and ground-mounted solar PV systems.


XS Series

0.7 – 3KW 1 MPPT Single Phase

DNS Series

3-6KW 2 MPPT Single Phase

SDT G2 Series

4-20KW 2 MPPT Three Phase

MS Series

5-10KW 3MPPT Single Phase

SMT Series

25-36KW 3 MPPT Three Phase

MT Series

50-80KW 4 MPPT Three Phase

HT Series

73-250KW 12MPPT Three Phase

EM Series

3-5 KW Single Phase up to 2 MPPT Hybrid Inverter

ES Series

3.6 -5KW 2MPPT Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

ET Series

5-10KW 2 MPPT Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

LYNX S Series

7.7 -20.5KW High Voltage Battery