We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and distributing PV mounting solutions, considering all static requirements, wind and snow loads, and the highest industry standards and norms. Convinced that solar technology holds the key to resource and environmentally friendly energy generation, we are driving global decarbonization with our intelligent mounting solutions.

Our success story began with an innovative bracket system for mounting solar panels that reduces the amount of material required for the substructure for photovoltaic systems by a third.

Along with the mounting components, we launched a specially developed visualization and planning software that set new standards: AEROTOOL is a proprietary digital platform that allows solar systems to be planned quickly and easily, taking into account all structural requirements. Within a short time, AEROTOOL has become the world’s leading platform in this market segment.

Our aerodynamically optimized PV mounting solutions are patent-protected and offer safety and mechanical stability. All products are tested according to the highest industry standards and are particularly economical.



AEROCOMPACT was founded in 2014 in Vorarlberg, Austria and has since evolved into a global player in the solar industry. Through the unique combination of engineering expertise, the digital platform AEROTOOL and a global market access, we occupy a leading market position in Austria and beyond. With our innovations, we make a significant contribution to global decarbonization.


COMPACTFLAT // Substructure for PV systems on flat roofs


Thanks to the unique combination of engineering expertise and our proprietary digital platform AEROTOOL, we occupy an international market position: In Austria and selected regional markets, the AEROCOMPACT GROUP is one of the market leaders. In addition, we have an international market presence in all climate zones of the world: Our products have been successfully installed in over 50 countries worldwide.

Since its establishment in 2014, AEROCOMPACT GROUP has grown far above the industry average in a dynamic market. From 2021 to 2022 alone, we doubled our sales in the double-digit millions. Our operating business will continue to expand significantly in the future thanks to continued innovations in the product portfolio and further internationalization. AEROCOMPACT currently has 14 locations as well as sales presences around the globe with main offices in Austria, USA and India.


COMPACTMETAL // Substructure for PV systems on metal roofs



AEROTOOL is a proprietary digital platform for planning and calculating photovoltaic systems. With the intelligence of our software, solar systems can be designed quickly and easily, and the AEROCOMPACT products required for mounting can be ordered ease.