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How Solar Works

Solar power system provides clean & green energy which is not only carbon free but also affordable in many ways.

Solar Modules
Solar modules are installed on your roof or ground with supporting structures. Solar modules are made up of photovoltaic cells which convert direct sunlight into Direct Current (DC).

Solar Inverter
The DC power from the solar modules is sent to a solar inverter through DC Cables & Junction boxes, where it is converted to AC power for your normal/standard use.

LT/HT Panel Box
The converted AC power from solar inverter travels through LT/HT Panel box and then available to service all your electrical needs. Utility power is also connected through LT/HT Panel box so as to maintain supply of power optimally.

Solar Power Monitoring System
This system ensures continuous monitoring of the solar power generation & consumption. It helps in managing better the solar usage & reduce operating expenses.

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