NS Series

Single-MPPT, Single-Phase (1-3kW)

GoodWe NS series is ideally suited for new-build housing projects or small domestic applications, providing you with a range from 1 to 3 kW models for installations as small as 3 PV modules. The NS series compares favorably to other inverters in the 1-3kW power class due to its small footprint and light weight.

  • Power Factor Adjustable
  • Suitable for 3-Panel System
  • <25dB
  • Wide MPPT Range
  • Export Control
  • Remote Upgrade

DNS Series

Dual-MPPT, Single-Phase (3-6kW)

GoodWe DNS series is a perfect match for residential installations thanks to its compact size and light weight. Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, GoodWe DNS series is IP65 rated so it can be mounted either inside or outside your home. The GoodWe DNS series is also extremely light – just 14kg, about 30% lighter than other inverters.

  • IP65
  • Lowest Startup Voltage @ 120V
  • Quiet Operation
  • Wide MPPT Range
  • Built-in Anti-Reverse Function

Smart DT Series

Dual-MPPT, Three-Phase (4-15kW)

The GoodWe Smart DT series inverter is specially designed for three-phase home solar systems, covering a wide power range of 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW and 15kW. The integrated two MPPTs allow two-array inputs from different roof orientations. The SDT series inverter is small, light and easy to install. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations, this inverter offers a quiet operation thanks to its fanless, natural convection cooling.

  • Super Large 5-inch LCD
  • Export Control
  • 30% PV Oversizing
  • 20% More Compact

DT Series

Dual-MPPT, Three-Phase (17-25kW)

The GoodWe DT series inverter is suitable for commercial and industrial roofs as well as small and medium-sizedphotovoltaic power systems. Because of the reliable grid support capabilities, high waterproof and dustproof grade and extra-wide voltage range of module, it can not only be used in commercial roof and commercialpower station PV systems, but also is qualified for the design requirements of large-megawatt power stations.

  • Super Large 5-inch LCD
  • Export Control
  • 30% PV Oversizing
  • 30% Lighter

MT Series G2

4 MPPT 3 Phase Grid-tied Inverter (50-60kW)

The second generation of GoodWe MT series inverter is suitable for medium and large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV systems where maximum versatility and profitability are important. With its compact design and power boost function, the GoodWe MT G2 series can provide a 15% continuous maximum AC output power overload, thus offering a faster return on investment

  • 30% DC Input Oversizing Ratio
  • 15% AC Output Overloading Ratio
  • Full-load Running at 50°C
  • 20% More Compact
  • In-built String Monitoring Capablity